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To:  Duplin Co. Peanut Interests

From:  Curtis D. Fountain

           Agricultural Extension Agent – Field Crops

September 5 Lewiston-Woodville Peanut Field Day Bailey variety podblasting revealed the following:

May 4 planting – 10-14 days from optimum maturity

May 16 planting – 14 days from optimum maturity

May 28 planting – 21 days from optimum maturity (recheck in 14 days)

Attached is a Dr. David Jordan, NCSU Extension Peanut Specialist, message (with images) concerning the above podblasting effort.

Heat unit requirements for popular varieties are:
Bailey  2,590
CHAMPS  2,550
NC-V 11  2,650
Perry  2,720
Sugg  2,630

Local weather stations reveal the following heat unit (DD56s) accumulation since May 1:
Kenansville  2,409
Clinton  2,596
Kinston  2,570

Remember heat units are not the sole driver of plant growth/development. Moisture is equally important. Too much moisture or too little moisture can slow plant growth/development.Two podblastings have been scheduled for next week. Details are listed below.
Peanut Podblasting
Wednesday, September 18 – 10:00 am
David Matthews Farm Shop
Peanut Podblasting
Thursday, September 19 – 9:00 am
Four County Peanut Services – Warsaw
Dewayne Johnson, Dr. David Jordan’s technician, will be present for the September 19 effort.

Please remember podblasting results are only as good as the field sample. 150 harvestable pods (a volume of approximately 2 quarts) are needed for each field sample. Ideally, choose 4 representative locations within a field. Dig 1-2 plants at each location. From total plants secured, select the most representative plants that will total at least 150 harvestable pods. Remove all harvestable pods from the representative plants. If pods will dry prior to podblasting, place the pods in water. Water will maintain outer pod moisture and speed the podblasting process.
Multiple podblastings (approximately 10 days apart) are encouraged. Multiple podblastings will allow you to note the progression of the crop, confirm earlier efforts, and better time optimum maturity. As David notes in the attachment, you will also consider total acreage, digging capacity, harvest capacity, weather, etc. in making digging date decisions.
If you would like to construct a podblasting basket so you can podblast when you like, please refer to the attached University of Georgia information sheet A Simple, Quick, Inexpensive Peanut Blaster.  Contact me for a profile board.

Additional podblastings will be scheduled. If you would like to schedule such, please give me a call.


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