Citizens Showcase Agriculture at County Fair

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The bragging rights for individual exhibits have been decided for another year at the Duplin County Agribusiness Fair.
“We’re growing,” Wanda Clay director of Duplin County Cooperative Extension, said of this third consecutive year for the county fair in Kenansville. She noted that the number of individual exhibits entered this year is almost double that of 2011 when the county fair was re-established. This year 549 individual exhibits were judged awarding a total of $2,066 in prize money to the group of 64 winners. A total of 131 different people placed entries in categories from this year’s premium list.
“Its very exciting to see the enthusiasm of our citizens as they bring in exhibits they have grown in their vegetable and flower gardens, their canned goods, baked goods, their sewing, needlework, arts and crafts, and field crop samples,” Ms. Clay said. “The addition of the livestock facility, on the fairgrounds, has presented another opportunity for the fair to grow, too.” With the opening of the Duplin County Livestock Facility this year, a farm animal barnyard was added as an exhibit and earlier in the year the building had served as the site of the 4-H youth livestock show that was held in September in association with the fair.
The Duplin County Cooperative Extension organizes and operates the individual exhibits portion of the fair each year, along with all farm animal features and youth livestock shows.
“The effort that organizers put into our fair is certainly evident through the growth and support the event is experiencing each year, Ms. Clay said. “I know the staff at Duplin Cooperative Extension expends a great deal of effort to insure the fair is a good experience for our citizens. And, we are very proud of our role in the county fair. We commend all the individual exhibitors and encourage more support from the public next year. Look at the list of winners and congratulate the ones you know the next time you see them!”
The top premium winner for individual entries in the adult divisions is Rose Swain of Warsaw and the youth winner is Will Murray of the Cypress Creek community. The Barn Yard Bunch 4-H Club of the Penderlea community won first place in the educational booth category, followed by Panthers 4-H of Beulaville, and the Elm 4-H Club of Rose Hill.
Duplin County Cooperative Extension released the following list of this year’s winners. A first place individual exhibit prize is $8 each; second, $4.
Division I-Educational Exhibits
Barn Yard Bunch 4-H of Chinquapin–A3, $100.00; Panthers 4-H of Beulaville–A3, $75.00; Elm 4-H of Rose Hill–A3, $50.00
Division II – Field Crops
Snodie Wilson–a27, first place; Morris Murphy–b3, second place; Justin Murphy–b3, first place; Snodie Wilson–c8, first place; Annie Pickett–d9, first place; Annie Pickett–f15, first place; Theresa Bowles–H19, first place
Division III – Horticultural Products
Vegetables — Edna House–a25, first place; Bob Swain–a27, first place; Bob Swain–a30, second place; Edna House–a30, first place; Bob Swain–a33, second place; Rose Swain–a33, first place; Emily  Walter–a34, second place; Sylvia Hawes–A34, first place; Bob Swain–a35, second place; Rose Swain–a35, first place; Rose Swain–a36, second place; Bob Swain–a36, first place; Rose Swain–a38, second place; Bob Swain–a38, first place; Rose Swain–a39, second place; Bob Swain–a39, first place; Bob Swain–a40, second place; Ruby Brinson–A40, first place; Emily Walter–A41, first place; Bob Swain–a42, second place; Ruby Brinson–A42, first place; Ruby Brinson–A43, second place; Emily Walter–A43, first place; Bob Swain–a44, first place; Bob Swain–a45, second place; Emily Walter–a45, first place; Bob Swain–A46, first place; Rose Swain–a47, first place; Bob Swain–a48, first place; Bob Swain–a49, first place; Annie Pickett–a52, first place; Rose Swain–a53, second place; Bob Swain–a53, first place; Bob Swain–a56, second place; Emily Walter–A56, first place; Bob Swain–a58, second place; Rose Swain–a58, first place; Theresa Bowles–A60, first place; Sylvia Hawes–A62, first place

Vegetable entries in Duplin County Agribusiness Fair 2013

Vegetable entries in Duplin County Agribusiness Fair 2013

Fruits and Nuts — Theresa Bowles–B62, second place; Bob Swain–b65, first place; Doreatha Roberts–b66, second place; Ruby Brinson–B66, first place; Theresa Bowles–B68, second place; Bob Swain–b68, first place; Bob Swain–b69, second place; Rose Swain–b69, first place; Snodie Wilson–b70, first place; Bob Swain–b72, second place; Joseph Murray–b72, first place; Sylvia Hawes–B73, first place; Pat White–b74, second place; Barry Jones–B74, first place

Flowers shown off at the county fair

Flowers shown off at the county fair

Flowers and Plants — Olivia Williams–C100, second place; Sylvia Hawes–C100, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C101, second place; Eloise Costin–C101, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C102, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C103, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C104, first place; Doug Walter–c105, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C106, first place; Emily Walter–C107, second place; Sylvia Hawes–C107, first place; Rose Swain–c108, second place; Bob Swain–c108, first place; Edna Sutton–c110, second place; Mae Bell Satchell–c110, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C113, second place; Edna Sutton–c113, first place; Rose Swain–c114, second place; Doris Batts–C114, first place; Theresa Bowles–C115, first place; Edna Sutton–c119, first place; Emily Walter–c120, second place; Doug Walter–c120, first place; Rose Swain–c121, first place; Eloise Costin–C123, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C124, first place; Annie L. Williams–C125, second place; Mae Bell Satchell–C125, first place; Mae Bell Satchell–C126, first place; Bob Swain–c77, second place; Rose Swain–c77, first place; Kathy Quinn–C79, second place; Emily Walter–c79, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C80, second place; Emily Walter–c80, second place; Rose Swain–c80, first place; Ruby Brinson–c81, second place; Theresa Bowles–C81, first place; Rose Swain–c83, second place; Snodie Wilson–c86, second place; Rose Swain–c86, first place; Theresa Bowles–C87, first place; Doug Walter–c87, first place; Rose Swain–c88, second place; Sylvia Hawes–C88, first place; Bob Swain–c89, second place; Kathy Quinn–C89, first place; Emily Walter–c90, second place; Doug Walter–c90, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C91, second place; Theresa Bowles–C91, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C92, second place; Rose Swain–c92, first place; Theresa Bowles–C93, second place; Ruby Brinson–C93, first place; Rose Swain–c94, second place; Theresa Bowles–C94, first place; Rose Swain–c95, second place; Ruby Brinson–C95, first place; Emily Walter–c96, first place; Sylvia Hawes–C97, second place; Bob Swain–c97, first place; Bob Swain–C99, first place
Division IV – Family and Consumer Sciences

Baked goods show off ribbons at Duplin fair

Baked goods show off ribbons at Duplin fair

Culinary — Pat White–a128, second place; Rose Swain–A129, second place; Theresa Bowles–A129, first place; Pat White–a135, first place; Isolene Scarbrough–A136, first place; Nancy Wilson–a136, first place; Pat White–a137, first place; Rose Swain–A141, first place; Theresa Bowles–A142, second place; Nancy Wilson–a142, first place; Sharon Sivori–a145, first place; Kathy Quinn–A148, first place; Rose Swain–A149, first place; Nancy Wilson–a150, second place; Sharon Sivori–a150, first place

Food Conservation — Rose Swain–B161, first place; Theresa Bowles–b162, second place; Doug Walter–b162, first place; Rose Swain–b164, first place; Edna House–b167, second place; Doug Walter–b167, first place; Edna House–b170, second place; Doug Walter–b170, first place; Rose Swain–b172, second place; Doug Walter–b172, first place; Doug Walter–b173, first place; Rose Swain–b174, second place; Joseph Murray–b174, first place; Sharon Sivori–b189, second place; Emily Walter–b189, first place; Pat White–b190, second place; Emily Walter–b190, first place; Pat White–b191, first place; Edna Sutton–b192, second place; Emily Walter–b192, first place; Emily Walter–b194, second place; Pat White–b194, first place; Theresa Bowles–B195, first place; Pat White–b200, first place; Sharon Sivori–b202, second place; Emily Walter–b202, first place; Joseph Murray–b206, first place; Joseph Murray–b213, first place; Joseph Murray–b215, first place; Joseph Murray–b216, first place; Joseph Murray–b217, first place; Joseph Murray–b218, first place; Amanda Hatcher–b229, first place
Clothing — Edna Sutton–c230, second place; Olivia Williams–C230, first place; Theresa Bowles–C233, first place; Catherine Lovick–c237, first place; Edna Sutton–c243, second place; Shannon Sutton–c243, first place; Edna Sutton–c247, first place; Edna Sutton–c250, second place; Shannon Sutton–c250, first place

2013 fair needlework and crafts

Needlework and crafts at the county fair highlight the talent of Duplin citizens.

Needlework — Edna Sutton–d252, first place; Edna Sutton–d253, second place; Shannon Sutton–d253, first place; Edna Sutton–d254, first place; Edna Sutton–d256, first place; Olivia Williams–D257, first place; Edna Sutton–d258, first place; Shannon Sutton–d261, first place; Edna Sutton–d264, first place; Edna Sutton–d266, second place; Shannon Sutton–d266, first place; Annie Pickett–d267, first place; Nancy Williamson–D273, first place; Eloise Costin–D278, second place; Annie Pickett–d278, first place; Edna Sutton–d287, first place; Ruby Brinson–D297, first place; Pamela Casey–d298, first place; Doreatha Roberts–d299, first place; Theresa Bowles–D303, second place; Olivia Williams–D303, first place; Ruby Brinson–D305, second place; Nancy Williamson–d305, first place
Arts and Crafts — Doreatha Roberts–e314, second place; Ruby Brinson–E314, first place; Pam Lindsay–E316, first place; Edna Sutton–e323, first place; Doris Batts–E324, first place; Olivia Williams–E328, second place; Ruby Brinson–E328, first place; Catherine Lovick–e329, second place; Theresa Bowles–E329, first place; Shannon Sutton–e341, second place; Edna Sutton–e341, first place; Edna Sutton–e343, first place; Shannon Sutton–e351, second place; Edna Sutton–e351, first place; Emily Walter–e352, second place; Doug Walter–e352, first place; Doug Walter–e354, second place; Emily Walter–e354, first place; Joseph Murray–e360, first place; Mary Emma Phillips–e367, second place; Joseph Murray–e367, first place; Sylvia Hawes–e369, first place; Ruby Brinson–E371, second place; Mary Emma Phillips–e371, first place; Sylvia Hawes–E373, first place; Ruby Brinson–E375, second place; Shannon Sutton–e375, first place; Ruby Brinson–E376, second place; Doreatha Roberts–e376, first place; Sylvia Hawes–E378, first place; Debby  Scott–E382, first place; Debby Scott–E384, second place; Olivia Williams–E384, first place
Livestock-Eggs — Chris Whitman–A386, first place
Youth Divisions
Youth-Field Crops — Cullen Thigpen–i1002, first place; Cullen Thigpen–o1015, second place; Jared Britt–o1015, first place; Jared Britt–p1018, second place

Youth field crops and vegetables at the fair.

Duplin youth entered a variety of field crops and vegetables at the county fair.

Youth-Horticulture ProductsVegetables — Allyson Hatcher–r1025, first place; Will Murray–r1034, first place; Will Murray–r1042, first place; Allyson Hatcher–r1045, first place; Theresa Bowles–R1047, first place; Chelsea Powell–r1048, first place;
Youth-Horticulture Products-Fruits and Nuts — Sadejah Murphy–s1066, second place; Darien Murphy–s1066, first place; Allyson Hatcher–s1068, first place; Will Murray–s1072, first place; Sadejah Murphy–s1073, second place; Will Murray–s1073, first place;
Youth-Horticulture Products-Flowers and Plants — Garrett Cole–T1101, first place
Youth-Family and Consumer Sciences-Culinary — Emilee Craft–u1144, first place; Kelsey Pate–u1149, first place
Youth-Family and Consumer Sciences-Food Conservation — Zania Jones–v1174, second place; Deliah Rose–v1174, first place; Will Murray–v1150, first place; Will Murray–V1156, second place; Kelsey Pate–v1156, first place; Landon Harper–v1161, first place; Austin Smith and Mary Ann Short–v1164, first place; Erin Brown–v1172, first place; Landon Harper–v1172, second place; Cullen Thigpen–v1205, first place; Emilee Craft–V1206, second place; Erin Brown–v1206, first place; Anna Elizabeth Lindsay–v1223, first place; Austin Smith and Mary Ann Short–v1227, first place; Kirkland Harper–v1228, first place

youth county fair entries 2013

Duplin youth show their food preservation products at the county fair.

Youth-Family and Consumer Sciences-Arts and Crafts — Olivia Bradshaw–w1230, second place; Lekea Boney–w1230, first place; Sadejah Murphy–w1232, second place; Darien Murphy–w1232, first place; Lauren Hardin–w1237, first place; Monique Hernadez–W1238, second place; Jennifer Hernandez–w1238, first place; Darien Murphy–w1238, first place; Darien Murphy–w1239, second place; Sadejah Murphy–w1239, first place; Shaddaih  Langston–W1241, first place; Sadejah Murphy–w1242, second place; Davis Rhodes–w1242, first place; Hezekiah Bennette–w1244, second place; Wyatt Kirk–W1244, first place; Rachel Walker–w1245, second place; Darien Murphy–w1245, first place; Sahmad Moore–W1246, second place; Will Murray–w1246, first place; Darien Murphy–w1247, second place; Sadejah Murphy–w1247, first place; Wyatt Kirk–W1249, first place; Lekea Boney–w1250, second place; Anna Elizabeth Lindsay–w1250, first place; Neyland Tate–w1253, second place; Lekea Boney–w1253, first place; Darien Murphy–w1255, second place; Sadejah Murphy–w1255, first place; Jolisa Lee–w1257, second place; Sadejah Murphy–w1259, second place; Darien Murphy–w1259, first place; Vance  King–w1260, second place; Will Murray–w1260, first place; Darien Murphy–w1262, second place; Vance King–W1263, second place; Emilee Craft–w1263, first place
Youth-Livestock-Eggs — Graham Fiedler–x1266, second place; Erin Brown–x1266, first place

Recap from 2012
The top premium winner for individual entries in the adult divisions was Sylvia Hawes of Rose Hill and the youth winner was Sadejah Murphy of Wallace. There were 491 individual exhibits entered by 114 different people and a total of $1,912 was paid in premiums to 51 winners.

Recap from 2011
The top premium winner for individual entries in the adult divisions was Rose Swain of Warsaw and the youth winner was Sadejah Murphy of Wallace. There were 259 individual exhibits entered by 91 different people and a total of $1,204 was paid in premiums to 48 winners.