Curing Tobacco on Standby Power

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What to expect.

With the potential weather situation approaching, Dr. Ellington (NCSU Specialist) and I wanted to share information related to standby power in the event power outages occur. Most of you have access to a form of backup power in order to keep curing barns running in the event of an power outage. As most of you know, there are certain stages of the curing process that the crop will not last very long without the fan operating. For example, a barn in the later stages of stem drying probably will last several days without power, but a barn in the yellowing stage may only last a few hours without power.

In this announcement, I have included the Flue-Cured Post Harvest Efficiency Guide that discusses standby power as it relates to curing barns. The standby power information can be found in the last portion of this booklet. It can also be accessed through the tobacco growers portal in the Curing and Energy section.
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