Wheat Seeding Rates

— Written By Blake Sandlin
Wheat Seeding Rates

I want to take time to remind everyone that the recommended start of wheat planting for Duplin County should be between October 20th-30th (7 days earlier than the date when there is a 50% chance of freezing). These dates are early enough to insure warm weather to promote tillering and late enough to avoid excess growth and high risk of disease and insects.
Proper Seeding Rate is important as the rates can vary due to seed size. The most accurate method is to base seeding rates off of seeds per drill row foot. The recommended seeding rates for planting on time are 1.31-1.52 million seeds per acre with 90% germination as a standard. These rates should be increased 20% if using a no-till setting. Each week that the planting is delayed beyond the dates mentioned above, the seeding rates should be increased 4-5%. Also, increase the seeding rates 13% if you are using 80% germination seed. Below is a chart to help you reach your target seeding rate.
Million seeds per acre:    1.31          1.52
Seeds per square foot:     30             35
Seed size               Pounds of seed
(seeds per pound)               per acre
10,000                  131           152
11,000                  119            138
12,000                  109           127
12,500                  105           122
13,000                  101           117
14,000                   94            109
15,000                   87            101
Drill row spacing                   Seed
(inches)                 per drill-row foot
6                        15               17
7                        18               20
7.5                      19               22
8                        20               23
Variety Data

Please see the 2017 small grains variety data and characteristics. This site shows data for different locations as well as one year, two year, and three year averages.


Blake Sandlin